Drink Menu

Hot Drink Sizes: 

S-12 oz (1 shot), M-16 oz (2 shots), L-20 oz (3 shots), XL-24 oz (4 shots)


Cold Drink Sizes: 

S-12 oz (1 shot), M-16 oz (2 shots), L-24 oz (3 shots), XL-32 oz (4 shots)

Sales tax not included.

Espresso and Coffee
Espresso starting at 1.71
Extra Espresso Shot add .70
Americano (has extra shot) starting at 2.17
Latte starting at 3.19
Latte, with Flavor starting at 3.93
Milk Substitutes: Breve, Almond Milk, Soy, Coconut, Oat add .79
Protein / Supplement: Whey Protein, Green Blend, Peanut Butter, Turmeric add .74
Cappuccino starting at 3.33
Caramel Macchiato starting at 4.29
Cortado Breve starting at 3.33
Coffee, Gourmet Drip starting at 1.85
Coffee, Traveler, 96 oz and 160 oz starting at 15.99 and 28.99
Cafe au Lait starting at 2.49
Coffee, Iced starting at 2.39
Toddy, Cold Brew starting at 2.99
Smoothies and Frozen Drinks
Espressocino starting at 3.99
Espressocino, with Flavor starting at 4.73
Jumping Monkey- espresso, chocolate, banana, peanut butter starting at 5.59
Chai or Matcha Smoothie, Sorrento's homemade starting at 3.99
Fruit Smoothies, Assorted Flavors starting at 3.99
Milk Shakes starting at 3.42
Frozen Italian Sodas starting at 3.42
Frozen Lemonade starting at 2.99
Tea, Cider, Steamers
Chai Latte, Sorrento's homemade starting at 3.60
Matcha Latte, Sorrento's homemade starting at 3.60
Tea Latte starting at 2.49
Tea, regular black or herbal starting at 1.89
Tea, green or hibiscus starting at 1.99
Hot Chocolate or Steamer starting at 3.09
Spiced Apple Cider starting at 3.09
Italian Sodas, Juice, Other Beverages
Italian Soda, Italian Cream Soda starting at 2.49
Red Bull Italian Soda, Italian Cream Soda starting at 4.69
Lemonade (not from concentrate) starting at 2.49
Arnold Palmer starting at 2.49
Orange Juice (not from concentrate) starting at 2.59
Iced Water (32oz) starting at .60
Child's Drink (12 oz milk, lemonade or apple juice) 1.62 (kids under 12)

Food Menu

(GF) Gluten-free and (V) Vegan Options

Sales tax not included.

Tacos starting at 2.96
Assorted Varieties until sold out
(V)(GF) options available on corn tortillas
Kolaches starting at 3.25
Russel's Baked Goods starting at 2.55
Breads, including (GF)
Muffins, including (GF)
Cinnamon Rolls
Snacks and Munchies .90-3.75
Bananas (GF)
Bobo’s Bars (GF)
Thunderbird Bar (GF)
Mixed Nuts (GF)
Skinny Pop (GF)